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What is ‘Tilt’ in Poker?


What is ‘Tilt’ in Poker?

Clifton Mccoy October 22, 2019

The game of poker is one of the most interesting casino games out there. For one, you can use whatever strategy you’ve come up with to help you win. Two, it is one of the most iconic casino games ever. Three, you can play it with your friends either casually, in an online casino, or in a live casino. Of course, it is popular also due to a number of other reasons as well.

A perfect poker player is one that knows all of the terminologies of the game. You may have heard of the term ‘tilt’ being used in the game. But, seeing as it is not a popular term compared to others, what is it exactly?

Well today, I am going to talk about everything you need to know about this term in poker.

What is It?

The terminology actually originated from pinball. Back in the day, when players get angry because they’ve lost the game, they would usually tilt the pinball machine. Once it is tilted to a certain angle, a switch will be tripped and the machine will shut down- causing the screen to display the error message “TILT”, thus signifying that the game is over.

Well, in poker, the term tilt refers to the player who has lost all of their cool and gets frustrated- leading them to make the most irrational decisions that other, more level-headed players can take advantage of.

Possible Risk Factors

Many pro players will advise beginners to always keep a cool head before and during the play. This is to help your mind become more focused on the game rather than anything else. People who have their minds preoccupied with a lot of things will usually end up getting more frustrated than the ones who don’t.

According to some professional poker players, the risk factors that may lead to players’ tilt are when players play when they are stressed, if they had too much alcohol to drink, if they are less experienced than their rivals, and if the player is way too complacent for their own good.

What Triggers It?

Poker can be a very emotional game. You can get excited when you are winning but you can also get so angry when you lose in succession. That being said, here are some common triggers that you need to be aware of:
Losing Streak– Considered to be tilt’s best friend, a losing streak can most likely lead players to lose their cool
Bad Loss– You can win the game by making decisions and a poor decision could cost you the entire game. Not to worry, a bad loss is to be expected. But, not all players feel the same way after a loss
Disruptive Players– There are some rude players that will always do their best to initiate a fight with you. Do not mind them and stay focused on the game
Lucky Cards– Never base your strategy on superstition or luck. Although luck can play a role, it is through a sound strategy that will help you win the game.