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Web Design Features That You Should Avoid

Web Design

Web Design Features That You Should Avoid

Clifton Mccoy August 10, 2018

Web design is one of the important elements that support your website’s online presence. However, there are some features on the web design that should be avoided as it has the highest possibility in reducing the viewers’ interest to the website. Moreover, web design is the element that could attract the user’s attention and not simply divert their attention away from their website.

Here are the web design features that the web designers should avoid:

The text on the website

Usually the web designers have are really high tendency to focus more on the website’s colours, graphics, pixels and it is very common for them to overlook on the element of text on the website. Besides, text is the important element on the website as it is the element that monopolized the whole website. Have the suitable concept of types and typography is important in having the positive impression on the website.

Here are the common mistakes on the design on text in web design:

  • The size of the text that is too small, leads to the difficulty in reading.
  • Unreadable type of fonts
  • Overly crowded text
  • Overpowering text colour contrast
  • Overly all caps/bold/italic in paragraph
  • Poor website navigation

    One of the major aspect that lead to people lose interest to your website is poor website navigation. It will annoy the user if they are trying to search for a specific thing in the website, but they are having total difficulties due to:

  • Poor website navigation
  • Unclear navigation
  • Complex and unnecessary navigation
  • Unclear pages or post title
  • No proper search bar
  • Besides, the whole purpose of creating content on your website is to allow people to search for it, by having poor website navigation, it totally divert the navigation purpose on the website.

    Low standard on web design

    Having a low standard of web design reflect the quality of the design and simply define the level of professionality of the website. Having proper standard on web design is important to emphasize the level of professionality and the quality of the website.

    The example of low standard web design are:

  • Website that does not work on certain browser.
  • Website that do not have flexible through mobile/tablet devices.
  • Overly use of frames.
  • Side scrolling rather than normal up and down scrolling.
  • It is crucial for every web design to emphasize on the mobile-responsiveness of the website as it is a fact whereby the mobile and tablet internet browsing is exploding in recent years. In other words, failure in making your website into mobile friendly is shows the low standard and low quality of your website.

    Background of the website

    Having the proper background of the website is really important especially in enhancing the content of the website.

    Here are the unfitted quality for a website background:

    • Overly crowded background of website.
    • Website that is overlapping with text that makes is totally difficult to read.
    • Background with dizzy design and pattern.

    Background of the website should act as the catalyst for the content on the website. Not simply act as the major distraction.


    The images can be use as the element interest in making the website to be more interesting and eye-catchy for the readers.

    However, here are the characteristics of the website that reduce the level of interest on the website:

  • High size of image that require longer time to load.
  • Images that are extend more than the screen.
  • Image with no proper Alt tags,
  • There are many ways to improve the performance of the website and at the same time having the images as the element of interest such as proper optimization of images.

    Having proper web design for a website is an important element that need to be considered by the web designers thoroughly in improving the interest of the readers and at the same time to reduce the bounce rate of the website that might lowering the standard of the website.