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The 2 Things That Will Make You a Long-time Winner


The 2 Things That Will Make You a Long-time Winner

Clifton Mccoy November 23, 2018

Things That Will Make You a Long-time Winner

When you are trading on the stock market of trading market or betting on the exchange floor, you know that there is always a possibility that you will lose something that you own.

But, there are two things that will ultimately make you a winner and keep it for a long-term at that. In this article, I will talk about these things so if you want to be successful in trading and betting, you better read on.

You Have to Have “Trading Discipline”

The 2 Things That Will Make You a Long-time WinnerTrading and betting can be a form of gambling, especially if you trade or bet your money on things that are uncertain.

Although no one can really predict how the market performs, you can, however, somehow predict with relative accuracy where it would go given a short timeframe.

What you do next will entirely make up your fate in the stock market or on the betting exchange. If you just trade because you thought that you will win without even thinking about the certain metrics that would give you a better advantage, then you’re pretty much spending your money based on luck or something arbitrary.

However, if you trade or place bets with the notion of looking at different performance metrics to see if it would be suitable to place money on, then you’ve pretty much exercised discipline.

Discipline is a nearly-forgotten art that, sadly, many people do not exercise much these days. People lose a lot of money and they always attribute the outcome based on “not having enough luck”. Well, to be honest, it is actually due to their lack of discipline more than anything else.

Reading performance metrics takes discipline because it will take time to analyze everything. It is much better to take a calculated risk and make decisions based on trading discipline rather than winning relying purely on chance.


The other factor that will allow you to win big in trading or betting is your decision-making skills. How much of your heart and brain do you use when you formulate your decisions?

If most of your brain is used, heck even all of it, then you’re making sound decisions. However, if you let your emotions run the show, you’re running the risk of losing all of your valuable money because you’re relying on something that is fleeting; something vague.

In the stock market, a moment of indecision can prove to be so costly. The same can be said on the betting exchange floor. If you even hesitate to place a tick or a back bet, you could potentially win nothing at all.


The 2 Things That Will Make You a Long-time WinnerHaving the trading discipline and making informed decisions are the best tools that you can use to win big. Having the discipline to learn everything and read everything can be highly beneficial to you. Furthermore, your decision-making will ultimately make or break your chances of raking in as many profits as you can. Therefore, be decisive, but also make use of empirical data and logic when making decisions.

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