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Some Great Tips to Help You Save Money on Event AV


Some Great Tips to Help You Save Money on Event AV

Clifton Mccoy November 2, 2018


Getting and setting up your audio/visual (AV) equipment is one of the most important aspects of event planning and event management. Setting your monitors, your speakers, projectors, and what have you will either make or break your event; that is how crucial it is.

Now, if you are tasked on getting an AV company to rent such equipment, what are the things that you need to ask them to give you a much better service?

Well, I am actually going to give you some tips on how you can save money when you’re renting AV equipment for your event, so be sure to read through the rest of the article.

1. Be Specific

The problem with some event organizers is that they’re so engrossed with the other parts of the planning process that they do not really know exactly what they want when it comes to the equipment.

In such cases, you could end up paying more because the AV company assumes that you want the “usual” package where they bring almost all of their gear to your event; only for you to use only a handful of them.

To really help you save up on this, be sure to be clear and specific when it comes to the rental service. Tell them how many speakers you need, how many monitors and projectors that you need, and also tell them how big the event room actually is.

This is so that they can give you an accurate price quote and so that you can haggle or ask for a discount in the process.

2. Deal with In-House Equipment Accordingly

In some venues, there is already some in-house equipment that you can use for the event. Unfortunately, there are some that might not just be too powerful enough or they aren’t good to use anymore, especially if you’re planning to host a huge and important event.

Since you need to rent some equipment, ask the hotel or the venue liaison if there are fees that you need to pay in order for you to bring and use such gear.

If there is, ask them for a quote. There are some cases where you do not have to pay extra, but you will not know until you ask the hotel manager about it.

3. Build a Solid Relationship

Event AV companies have made a lot of friendships and relationships over the years. It is best that you build a great relationship with them so that you will have a company that knows exactly what you need and so that you do not have to itemize and repeat yourself again whenever you hire their services in the near future.

Who knows, you might enjoy some discounts when you hire them in your next events.

4. Look at the Crew and Current Equipment

There are times where you are overstaffed and you could ask them to only send people in who are going to install the units.

Furthermore, there is some event equipment that might be installed already in the area and so that you do not have to have new things put in place. Doing these things can really help you save a lot more money.