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Snapchat Life Hack

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Snapchat Life Hack

Clifton Mccoy August 14, 2018


Snaphat is one of the most popular social media app used by users all around the world. Although most of its users are now switching to Instagram, many of the users stay with Snapchat as it is the most popular photo-sharing app with great filters compared to Instagram.

With various updates and hidden features, you need skills, tips and tricks to step up your game and be a Snapchat pro. Alternatively, contact a social media company to help you out.

You may have noticed the number beside your name on Snapchat which basically shows how active you are on the app and if you are wondering to keep the number going up, you are in the right place. Your scores will increase if you keep on posting a snap on your story or send it to your friends. Unfortunately, the scores will not increase if you only send messages to them or if you simply watch a story. The rule is simple, just be active on Snapchat and send some snaps.

Another trick to increase your Snapchat score is to try sending snaps to some celebrities. Although they may not reply or even open the snaps you will be shocked to see your scores have easily increased by how many celebrities you have send the snaps. Currently, the highest score in the world belongs to the user @sillyblackguy, as of now he has a score of over 1 million.

Use the Bitmoji app and link it with your Snapchat and voila! You can unlock amazing features and an amazing customised of your own avatar. Use it on your snaps to add more joy, or use the filters provided to make your Bitmoji dance.

Is it just us or don’t you hate the sound of your own voice? Snapchat has an amazing feature to change your voice into a mouse, a bear, a robot and an alien. To use these voice filters, firstly you have to take a video and tap the sound symbol at the bottom left corner of your phone screen.

Win a lot of trophies after you have passed the requirements such as you will receive a flashlight trophy if you sent 10 snaps with your front-facing flash on or the panda trophy if you sent 50 snaps using the black and white filter. Just head over to Trophy Case below your username and start unlocking them.