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SEO Competitor Analysis


SEO Competitor Analysis

Clifton Mccoy November 30, 2018

SEO Competitor Analysis (Only Guide You Need)

Do you want your business to gain more online presence? Well, you should implement a good digital marketing strategy, and at the same time, investigate the tactics of your competitors on their seo services.  Below is a short guide on how to do an efficient search engine optimization competitor analysis.

1. Look for their keywords.

The very first step is to check what exact keywords your competitors are using and targeting. You can do this through the help of tools such as Ahrefs and SEMRush. Afterwards, come up with a good set of keywords you can use yourself.

2. Analyze their website optimization technique.

Analyze their on-site SEO tactics. You can get a lot of valuable information from their strategy. If they don’t have a strategy at all, well, you can learn something from that, too.

One of the first elements you can check is keyword density. It can give you direction regarding keyword placement. Furthermore, examine how they write META data. Are their copies strong and compelling? Are they utilizing LSI keywords? Are there effective call to actions?

3. Content Analysis

SEO Competitor AnalysisWebpages with lots of engaging, content rank better. This is the reason why you should produce a far superior website with compelling posts that can easily grab your target audience’s attention.

Take a look at your competitors’ content. Analyze its different components. Are they unique? Always strive to create something better than theirs.

4. Analyze Their Design

Website design matters a lot. If the websites of your competitors have beautiful designs, then it’s time for you to invest in a new cool, responsive layout. This also applies to local businesses.

5. Assess their Google My Business pages.

All businesses who want to gain significant online presence need to leverage on Google My Business. Check if your competitors have good engagement, good reviews and quality images. If most of them don’t have any of these elements, then you should take advantage of their lack of effort.

6. Analyze their social media pages.

It’s no secret that social media is larger than search engine optimization. Take advantage of the power of social media. If your competitors are implementing an efficient social media strategy, then you need to do better than them. Remember, a good social campaign does the following:

  • Establishes good relationships
  • Helps you interact with clients
  • Helps you market your web content

7. Analyze your competitors’ offline strategies.

Offline advertising tactics like newspaper ads, direct mail, radio ads, billboard ads, trade shows and conferences are important.These avenues may intrigue people, and get more curious about your brand.

SEO Competitor Analysis8. Analyze their backlink strategy.

Backlinks will always be a crucial part of every SEO strategy.

Check out your competitors’ links to find new promising opportunities, and to determine if you can mirror their link profiles.