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High-Energy Foods for Men

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High-Energy Foods for Men

Clifton Mccoy January 7, 2020

Because men are generally more active than women, they have a particular set of
dietary requirements. Men should focus on consuming foods that are known to provide
high-quality and sustainable energy to help them become more productive and active
throughout the rest of the day.

Although the best supplements for men could work when taken on their own, they
actually work best when taken in conjunction with the foods that I am about to discuss in
this article.


If you are a gym buff, you probably heard of your gym bros tell you that you should keep
your carbohydrate intake to a minimum and eat copious amounts of protein instead.

But, this advice will rarely give you any benefit, especially if your aim is to build muscle.
Generally speaking, carbs actually provide us with the energy that we need so not
consuming carbs, in general, is a bad thing. Well, carbs are not at all bad, but only if you
consume the right kinds of carbs.

Simple carbohydrates should be consumed in moderate amounts since they are
generally high in sugar and are not sustainable sources of energy.

What I would recommend, however, are whole grains. They are not only rich in carbs
but they also contain fiber, iron, and B-vitamins that will surely provide your body with
enough energy to complete your tasks for the day.


There is a common misconception that people, sadly, still believe to this day that eating
fat will make you fat. I would agree if you are only referring to trans fats, but there are
actually fats that should be taken in good quantities.

Avocados are a perfect example of this as they contain heaps of monounsaturated fat
which provides a slew of health benefits, including the lowering of bad cholesterol in the
body, as well as giving you a rich source of energy.

It is also important for you to note that fat actually provides you with more energy in
general since a gram of fat can give you twice as many calories compared to carbs and protein.

The great thing about avocados is that you can eat in a variety of ways. You can either
eat it as is or you can chop them up and turn them into guacamole or pesto if you want.

Dried Foods

Although some people prefer eating fresh fruits, their dried counterparts are actually
more calorie-dense (and therefore, more calorie-rich). For instance, a quarter of a cup
of pears contains 118 calories. Compare that to fresh pears that only contain 80 calories
and it is no wonder why eating them dried is preferred.

Just keep in mind that most dried fruits generally have higher sugar content than fresh
fruits, so you may want to consume it only in moderation.


You’re probably told to count your calories and although that is not a bad idea at all, you
shouldn’t be afraid of them either. Do note that calories are just a measure of energy so
if you eat calorie-laden foods, you are actually providing your body with more energy
than it currently has right now.