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Card Room Etiquette


Card Room Etiquette

Clifton Mccoy October 15, 2018

Wedding PlanningCasino Poker 101: How to Play Poker in the Casino

Do you love playing poker at home through scr888? Well, if want to play poker in the casino for the first time, then there are some rules you need to know first. Casino poker is very different from your ordinary home game. Make sure to understand the protocols and procedures before you sit down and play.

The following are 10 tips that will help you play more professionally:

1. Always Protect Your Cards

It is the responsibility of every player to protect all of their cards. Some people would even bring lucky charms and put them on top of their pocket cards. It doesn’t matter what you do, or what kind of charm you want to bring, as long as you won’t interfere with card game.

2. Out of Turn Betting

You should wait until the player sitting on your right acts. If you resorted in an out of turn betting, this will give one unfair advantage to the player who is yet to act.  What if you raise out of turn? Then, a player that is planning to call might fold.

3. Don’t Make a String Bet

If you want to raise, announce it during your turn. When a raise is not announced, you should put the bet and raise in together. Putting in a bet and going back to your own stack for the raise means doing a string bet. This is not permitted, and the raise you did will not be acknowledged.

4. Pay Attention to Every Bet Made

A good player knows everything that is happening on the table. You need to know what the specific bet is once it is your turn. See to it that you know the bet amount made by your first active opponent.

5. Folding Instead of Checking

Oftentimes, if a player doesn’t like the card dealt, he would fold right away. Always make sure to check, in case you are the first one to act. If all of the other players check, then you have the chance to view the upcoming card.

6. Table Stakes

Remember, when you are playing poker inside the casino, you are playing for table stakes. This basically means that you are dealing with all the chips on your table. What if you run out of chips? Then, tell the dealer that you are “all in.” Then, you will become eligible for the money pot.

7. Don’t Throw Chips in the Pot

Do you throw chips in the money pot during home poker night? Never throw your chips inside pot when inside the casino. Just place the bet at the space in front of you. By doing so, the dealer can check whether you have placed in the correct bet. The dealer will be the one to move them inside the pot.

8. Don’t Throw Away Your Hand

Did a player just call out a better hand? Don’t throw in your cards right away. It is the job of the dealer to declare the winner of the hand. Let him announce the winner before throwing away your hand.

9. Always Keep Your Emotions in Check

Never lose control of your emotions in front of the table. It is a place for fun and excitement, not temper tantrums and foul language. Bad attitude would not be tolerated by casino professionals. This mistake is committed not just by beginners, but also by veteran players.

10. Don’t Play Too Many Hands

Plenty of players want more action, and that is understandable. Sometimes, if they are not involved in a particular hand, they would feel that they are not truly playing a good card game. Always remember that most talented players play fewer hands. Wait for a good starting one. Learn to practice discipline and patience to be an experienced, winning player someday.

11. Don’t Play Too Long

A game of poker requires massive concentration. You should have fun, but you also need to think and strategize. Be aware of the people around you. A poker game shouldn’t take very long, since a crazy game length would also result to mistakes and marginal hands. Give yourself a few seconds or minutes to figure things out. That should be enough.