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9 Effective Holiday SEO Tips to Maximize Black Friday and Cyber Monday Traffic


9 Effective Holiday SEO Tips to Maximize Black Friday and Cyber Monday Traffic

Clifton Mccoy September 18, 2018

Implementing a search engine optimization strategy is an important step for every newly launched business. As a blogger and online business owner, it may not be at the top of your priority list when it comes to holiday selling season preparations.

Re-optimize your content and revamp your search engine strategy this approaching holiday season. Seo advertising can be a strong driver of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday ecommerce sales. So, how can you reap all the benefits? It is important for you to have a good marketing strategy.

Below are a few SEO tips and best practice techniques that can help you begin your SEO audit process. Make sure you promote your products well this holiday shopping season!

What’s the current state of your SEO strategy?

Analyze the current state of your SEO process. You see, without doing a quick check of your organic search performance, you can surely do more harm than good. What are your keywords? Do you think your website is doing well?

Dig into those Google Trend reports to see which specific search terms your customers are frequently using and then, update your website’s keywords based on this.

Start Writing Content Now!

So, you already have a list of holiday-specific keywords. Start writing new content now to promote your products—don’t wait until the latter part of the holiday season! The longer you put these search terms into action, the less impactful they would be. Moreover, it takes time for Google to process your changes so you should act now.

Post Sneak Peeks!

Create holiday preview website pages to tell your loyal client base on what’s to come. Even if you haven’t finished your online merchandising tasks yet for this upcoming holiday line, it wouldn’t hurt to post a few buzz worthy glimpses as a sneak peek.

Not only will this excite your future customers, it will also work in favor of your SEO strategy. Use “coming soon” pages to begin building links, and start ranking on many interesting and relevant holiday search queries. This can boost traffic to your website, and eventually drive increased holiday sales.

Be Smart with Your Links

SEO is all about internet and external links. This can increase the credibility of your website content, and the chance that new visitors will find your page. Use your website pages to display holiday promotions, and further optimize and maximize exposure.

Link building campaigns have positive ramifications beyond your SEO strategy. When you find readers and customers who are highly interested in your website content, you are basically doing a type of business development. There is a bigger chance to connect with potential partners, clients and influencers!

Make Cool Holiday Gift Guides

Gift guides are a huge hit because they display a vast range of products. Shoppers love searching for products, and sharing them on social media, right?

Don’t forget about mobile users!

It’s no secret that holiday retail sales are highly influenced by shopping-related mobile phone searches. Make sure that your business has a mobile-responsive design, especially this holiday season.

Make your website more relevant for this holiday term. Use this checklist!

  1. H1. Does your page header include your main keyword?
  2. Page Title tag. Is your main keyword at the beginning of your title tag? A title tag can also impact your click through rate positively.
  3. Body. Did you include your main keyword at least 2 to 3 times in your blog article?
  4. Alt text. Always include your important keywords in the alt tag.

Value your relationship with your customers more than anything else. Why not take the details and information that Google provides through its Search Console? You can use it to capture organic website traffic, especially during the holiday season!