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6 Safe Ways to Increase Female Libido

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6 Safe Ways to Increase Female Libido

Clifton Mccoy June 4, 2020

Libido is just a fancy term for sex drive and there are some factors that can affect them.
It is important that you understand that there are some differences in the way sex drive
affects men and women.

For instance, men can improve their sex drives by taking libido-boosting supplements,
as well as increasing their physical activity through exercise. Women, on the other
hand, would have to resort to doing other stuff.

Today, I am going to go over some safe ways to help increase female libido.

Try to Lower Your Stress

Stress is definitely one of the proven libido-killers out there. Therefore, it is imperative
that if you wish to improve your sex drive, you’re going to have to do things to lower
your stress levels.

One great way to do that would be to do some meditation or yoga. They are both
activities that can help ease the mind and body and can certainly help you get right back
on track sexually.

Eat the Right Foods

You can eat the right foods to help increase your libido. You can turn your attention to
eating some aphrodisiacs. One of the best out there is dark chocolate as its polyphenol
content can help elevate your mood and increase your sexual energy.


There is no denying the positive effects of physical activity (sex included). If you feel
that your sexual desire is depressed somewhat, you can instantly improve that by doing
some more physical activity.

Exercise can bring a lot of health benefits. It can help keep you maintain a healthy
weight, it can help stimulate the release of endorphins that will help elevate your mood,
and it can certainly do wonders in improving your sex drive simply because of the
release of serotonin, which can also have an effect on your mood as well.

Hormone Treatment

If doing the above-mentioned things didn’t help you in a considerable and noticeable
way, you can talk to your doctor and ask if you can partake in hormone treatment and

Usually, an imbalance in your hormone levels can certainly put a damper in your sexual
desire. By equalizing your hormones, its immediate effect would be a stark increase in
libido, among others.

Talk to Your Partner

Communication is the hallmark of a great relationship and it is important that you
constantly talk to your partner, especially if you have concerns with your lowered libido.

Since they are your partner, you should treat them as your best friend and confidant. If
there is something that’s bothering you, tell it to them. Be honest about how you feel
and they might come up with solutions that can help you.

Getting some hurtful things off of your chest and having your partner listen with good
intentions can really help you in this regard.

Get Adequate Sleep

In this day and age, we are accustomed to sleeping less than 8 hours a day.
Technology should’ve made our lives easier, but it has gone for the worse as it made is
busier than ever before.

Despite life’s different stresses, it is important that you get adequate amounts of sleep
every single day. That is to ensure that you will maintain normal body function and
getting enough sleep can certainly lower your stress levels as well.