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4 Tips for Android Developers for Making Android Applications

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4 Tips for Android Developers for Making Android Applications

Clifton Mccoy September 21, 2018

More and more people are now using the Android platform. That is probably due to the fact that there are countless options when it comes to smartphone choice. They could just choose any brands of a phone according to their liking and preferences.

Because of this, there is an increase in demand for Android applications. But, with over 3 million apps already in the Play Store, how can you make yours stand out? Here are some tips for new and experienced android developer:

Look at the Latest Trends

One way for your app to stand out from the rest is to have the latest features. Technology is always evolving and there are new features introduced every year.

For instance, Virtual Reality is a technology that is slowly incorporated by a lot of developers due to its amazing immersion. Because of its popularity, VR headsets have become more rampant now.

Keep an open eye for new trends and technologies and be sure to slowly integrate some of them in your app.

The Design is an Integral Aspect

What greets users when they first open the app? It is the graphics. Design is so important that whenever you have a horrible UI (like a poor choice of colors, incomprehensible text, and so on), people are more likely to uninstall your app.

If you’re a freelance developer, you could hire your own graphic designer to help you with the overall aesthetics of your application. Remember, the design is just as important as the features that are available in the app.

Learn the Android Ecosystem

Since more and more people are using Android over the iOS platform, there are people who are less likely to pay for an app. That means that you couldn’t implement a payment model where they have to pay first before they can download it.

The other option for you to take is to take on another payment scheme. So, instead of paying first before downloading, make your app free to download and use and maybe just include some in-app purchases as well.

For example, there are some popular games that are free to play but they include in-app purchases such as new costumes, amazing weapons, and other similar features that they would not have otherwise acquired if they didn’t pay.

Listen to Community Feedback

Whenever you submit your app for publishing, Google will create a page for it. On the page is a comment box where people can express their opinions about your application.

Whatever they write in the comments section, take it as feedback (even though some are harsh). You have to keep an open mind and view it from the customer’s perspective.

If they have left a negative review, ask yourself why they did so? There are probably some problems like slow app loading, boring features, and so on. Just be open to suggestions and try and incorporate some changes to improve your application.


Building your career as an Android app developer can be a challenging endeavor. However, once you get things right, it is one of the most lucrative jobs out there.