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10 Essential Things You Must Know When Promoting Events on Social Media

Social Media

10 Essential Things You Must Know When Promoting Events on Social Media

Clifton Mccoy October 13, 2018

Do you have an event coming and you want to get more participants? There is no better place to invite people other than posting on social media web. But you cannot simply create an event and expect people to be interested and appear on the day itself. You need to exert an effort to get noticed and by that, here are a few things you need to know:

1.You can use the Events feature to increase your organic reach.

Every company’s page on Facebook has an Events feature. Use this especially when you have too many events happening soon. This will give people a list of events complete with the important details.

2.Go live to share an engaging content.

If you have an exciting event happening, you can announce it via Facebook live. By doing a livestream, your followers will be notified that you are broadcasting.

3.Participate in Facebook groups.

Regardless of your industry, there will surely be a Facebook group related to you. Use these groups to build relationships. When joining groups, though, don’t forget to add value in enable to establish trust.

4.Promote on LinkedIn.

In case you have not created a LinkedIn profile for your company, take this chance to do it now. You don’t know just how much you are missing out by not being active on LinkedIn.

5.Use LinkedIn ads to spread the word.

LinkedIn ads are not a far cry from Facebook ads. Your promotions will pop up in the feeds of your targeted audience based on the demographics you provided. Use this to inform people about your upcoming event.

6.Check the latest on Twitter using hashtags.

You have to be in the know of what is happening in the community. For that, you can search for relevant keywords with the help of hashtags.

7.Keep in touch with the people in your Twitter lists.

This list can be a great tool for you to organize your followers, right from your sure attendees down to your event exhibitors. This way, you can create a post dedicated to each list.

8.Use Instagram Stories to update your followers regarding your event.

This new feature on Instagram can be your means of updating people regarding your upcoming events. Maybe create a behind the scene clip regarding your preparations.

9.Give your VIPS something to snap about on Snapchat.

Your VIP guests can also help you spread the word. Do this by sharing relevant information to them that they can discuss on Snapchat days before your event.

10.Use Snapchat’s “Our Story” to bring your guests altogether.

This allows your attendees to send photos and videos on a single timeline. It can be a way for other guests to see what the others shared regarding the same event.

To wrap things up, take note that there are a few more tools to help you announce the upcoming event. But by practicing these tips we have above, you can boost your reach and invite more people to the event.